We live in a very chemical environment. Chemicals are everywhere in today’s modern era and we are not only ingesting them in our foods and breathing them in with every breath we take. Some of these chemicals are absorbed through our skin…the largest organ in the body. So when you decide to have a long, relaxing, soothing, hot soak in the bathtub to take advantage of the therapeutic effects of hot water, you may be inadvertently exposing yourself to some unwanted, toxic substances if you are making it a bubble bath. This link takes you to an article that will give you the knowledge you need to make healthier, safer choices for your bubble-bath soaked body and, therefore, your well-being.






(Carl Jung 1875-1961)

The mystery of healing is a process…not an event; embrace the journey!! Let the gentle, hands-on techniques of John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach help you solve your mysteries and facilitate your healing process.

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If anyone is wondering if you can trust the supplement companies, if you can trust your government agencies to look out for you, if you can trust the product claims or if you can even trust what’s actually in the bottle or box you spend your money on…then you are encouraged to watch this episode of The Fifth Estate from a few years ago.


“The Fuzz Speech”

Over the years of treating people, I (James) came upon enough of them who were not experiencing something taken for granted by many that I began asking new clients during their initial assessment as to whether they were experiencing “this”. What is “this”?  Stretching; the type that is to occur naturally upon waking from a long sleep,  without conscious thought and the same behaviour we see in cats and dogs after awakening.

The following link presents an interesting talk, less than 5 minutes, by an anatomist as to why stretching and movement in general is so important in preventing more significant issues that can interfere with out ability to move and enjoy life. Thank you, Carol, for bringing this to my attention!!

Gil Hedley Video: The “Fuzz” Speech


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Karla Juliak, RMT

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Take the time and check this out; knowledge can be an important thing. Knowing about this potential hazard could save you a lot of time, money and pain.


Things are changing with respect to the use of cryotherapy in acute injuries, and the way we use ice in physiotherapy practice. There has been some very good research done over the past decade or so indicating that RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) or PRICE (Protection, etc) may not be as effective as we once thought in the acute stage of injury. There have been several articles published that help explain the move away from significant cooling. Follow this link for more information brought to you by this website and The Canadian Physiotherapy Association.